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 artist statement

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I make functional pottery because I enjoy the intimacy of creating pieces that someone will hold in the hands, use in their kitchen and delight in seeing  on their tables and in their homes. I breakfast daily with “friends”: bowls and mugs that were made by fellow potters I know or others whose work I admire. I enjoy the daily selection and the time to sit quietly and carefully look at the finer points of how each piece was made and glazed.  It is this interaction and connection with each piece and that person that has meaning for me and ultimately is the reason for handmade pottery to be made.

My sculptural work has been about journey.  For fifteen years I researched prehistoric art from all cultures but focused on images of the ancient goddess.  With that inspiration I created goddess forms that were not only objects of beauty, serenity and ancient wisdom but were also vehicles to express my views on a variety of topics including feminist issues, social causes and women’s particular vulnerability in war. Currently my sculptures are more contemporary in design and surface treatment but still focus on the movement, fluidity and beauty of female body.


I started working in clay 45 years ago.  I studied ceramics at local art centers in New York  and Michigan, taught clay classes, joined a small group of potters to share facilities, created studios in Minnesota and now in my home in North Carolina.  My work is in a variety of collections and homes internationally.

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